Index of Kashikhanda
Compiled by Michaela Dimmers & Jörg Gengnagel
Electronic Publications of the Varanasi Research Project
Heidelberg, South Asia Institute, August 2002 (Version 8.2003)

This index has been compiled as a part of the "Varanasi Research Project. Visualized Space - Constructions of Locality and cartographical Representation in Benares", South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg, funded by the German Research Council (Speaker Axel Michaels, Classical Indology).

General criteria for including an entry has been: proper names of gods (Lingas, Devis, Vinayakas, Ganeshas, Vishnus, Yoginis etc.), sacred places (Tirthas, Kundas, Kupas, Pithas, Mandapas etc.) and yatras. The main focus was the selection of names linked to the sacred topography of the city. The proper names have been indexed with abbreviations indicating the typological category. If the category was not obvious or doubtful, it has been marked by a question mark, the typology should be understood as a suggestion.

Please note that the translation of the Kashikhanda has been the basic source for this index, not the Sanskrit edition itself. If necessary references given in the translation have been altered to the exact location in the Sanskrit edition. Doubtful spelling has been checked and corrected if necessary. It should be stressed that the Sanskrit edition has not been consulted systematically.

Two versions of the index are available: an alphabetical index and an index in the order of appearence. Both indices are in PDF-format, are respectively 28 and 42 pages long and contain c. 150 KB each.

The indices are based on the following translation and edition of the Kashikhanda:

Kashikhandah Maharshivyasapranitah Ramanandapranitaya "Ramanandi" vyakhyaya; Narayanapatitripathipranitaya „Narayani", Karunapati Tripathi (ed.), 4 vol.s. Varanasi: Sampurnand Sanskrit University, 1991; 1992; 1996; 1998.

Skanda-Purana. Translated and annotated by G.V. Tagare, Book IV: Kashi-Khanda, 2 vol.s, Delhi: Motilal Banarsidass, 1996; 1997 (Ancient Indian Tradition and Mythology Series 58, 59).

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